Running Lean Book Resources and Bonuses

Thank you very much for reading my book.

To help you navigate the process laid out in the book, I've assembled a list of templates, tools, and additional resources that might help you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Life's too short to build something nobody wants.

Here's to your success.


PDF Templates

If you prefer of work offline or on paper, here's a list of templates you can download.

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BONUS: Business Model Design Course and Tools

Get the Business Model Design course and online tools (Lean Canvas and Traction Roadmap) for putting the ideas in the book to practice.

Use this link to get a 50% discount ($99) on the course (normally $199).

What you get:

  • Additional recipes for designing, stress-testing, and pitching your business model.
  • Online tools for capturing your business model (Lean Canvas) and stress-testing viability and feasibility (Traction Roadmap).
  • Private community with thousands of founders on the same journey as you