Lean Canvas


3 Ways to Get Lean Canvas

Download a blank Lean Canvas template or get the online Lean Canvas tool by enrolling in one of our courses.

If you prefer to work offline or on paper,

Download the PDF template

This template can be scaled from A4 to a 24'x36' wall-sized jumbo poster.

Download Lean Canvas PDF Template ->

Or, if you prefer to use the online Lean Canvas tool with realtime collaboration and versioning, enroll in one of our courses:

Continuous Innovation Foundations

Continuous Innovation Foundations Course (FREE)

Continuous Innovation Foundations (CIF) is a free email course for aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and product managers that teaches you key mindsets for building the next generation of products that matter.

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Business Model Design

Business Model Design Course

Business Model Design teaches you how to secure buy-in from early co-founders, advisers, investors and customers using four foundational story pitches.

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