Ash Maurya

Hi - I'm Ash.
I help early-stage founders raise their odds of success.

In 2009, I had an epiphany:
Life’s Too Short to Build Something Nobody Wants.

I had launched dozens of products by then, but something bothered me. While all my ideas started off as awesome ideas, not all of them ended up as awesome products. I didn’t have a repeatable process for systematically navigating the highly uncertain terrain of early-stage products.

This sparked my search for a better and faster way for building successful products which first led me to the early works of Eric Ries and Steve Blank who pioneered the Lean Startup movement. I joined in on the conversation and began rigorously testing and applying these principles to my products.

This tinkering led to the development of several business modeling tools (Lean Canvas, Traction Roadmap, and the Customer Forces Canvas), two best-selling books (Running Lean and Scaling Lean), and a series of step-by-step playbooks for building and launching products (Continuous Innovation Framework).

Fast forward to today, over a million people use these tools and playbooks which I license through my company (LEANSTACK) to startups accelerators, universities, and corporates all over the world.

My mission is to help create more successful entrepreneurs in the next decade.

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