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Continuous Innovation Foundations (CIF) is a free email course for aspiring entrepreneurs, innovators and product managers that teaches key mindsets for building the next generation of products that matter.

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Ash Maurya

Hi, I'm Ash Maurya

I'm the author of two bestselling books, Running Lean and Scaling Lean and the creator of the popular 1-page business modeling tool, Lean Canvas. Learn more about me and my work.

In addition to writing, I'm also the founder of LEANSTACK - a Continuous Innovation Platform that helps accelerators and universities create more successful startups. Learn more about LEANSTACK.

CI Foundations: Learn key mindsets for building products that matter.

  • Battle-tested strategies.
    You'll get step-by-step playbooks on building products that customers want.
  • Hands-on tools - Lean Canvas.
    Everything you need to put the concepts you learn into practice.
  • Learn a framework you can apply to any product.
    These principles have successfully been applied to a wide range of software, hardware, and services-based products.