Get Buy-In From Your Investors and Key Stakeholders

At the early stages of an idea, financial forecasts drown you in a sea of fictional numbers that mask your riskiest assumptions.

The key to creating an actionable forecast is formulating a bottoms-up and stage-based rollout plan.

A Traction Roadmap replaces fictional financial forecasts with an actionable roadmap built on just 7 key metrics and takes 5 minutes to create.

Traction Roadmap
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The Traction Roadmap tool is bundled with the Business Model Design masterclass.

Supports multiple business models

Model any type of business using our basic business model archetypes: Direct, multi-sided, and marketplace.
Business Model Type
Step-by-step wizard

Step-by-step guidance

Our interactive wizard helps you build your business model bottoms-up. Not sure about typical conversion rates? We guide you along the way.

Not more numbers, but actionable metrics

Instead of drowning you in a sea of numbers, the traction modeler helps you stress-test the viability of your business model using just 7 key metrics.
Traction levers
Customer Factory

Find your levers for growth

Since the traction roadmap uses a handful of metrics, it's easy to identify your most actionable levers for growth.

Formulate a Now, Next, Later plan

Ballpark milestones in hand, you'll learn how to formulate and pitch an actionable stage-based rollout plan to your investors and key stakeholders.
Traction Roadmap

Ready to model your traction?

The Traction Roadmap tool is bundled with our Business Model Design masterclass.